Notifying Video Owners of Approval

VideoConnect tracks data showing how viewers interact with the videos that are being published and shared. To access those metrics, simply click on the "My Videos" tab and then find the desired video on the My Videos page. On each video thumbnail will be an icon and button that says "Analytics." Upon clicking on that button, you will be taken to the reporting for that particular video. Remember that a video must first be published in order to accrue enough plays to show analytics.

The most basic of VideoConnect's analytics is the play count of each video. Underneath the video player will be a graph showing play trends during the preceding 21 days. To the right of that graph are reports showing total plays, number of days since the video was published, and the average play count per day. Underneath those reports is an itemized count of plays per day since the video was published. There is also an option to see play counts per person who has viewed the video.

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