Uploading From A Mobile Phone

The easiest way to create videos with an Apple device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) is to use the free Liveclicker Mobile Studio app. You can find and download Liveclicker Mobile Studio in the iTunes App Store.

With Liveclicker Mobile Studio, you won't need to purchase any fancy camera, lighting, sound or computer equipment in order to create and produce high quality video content. You can simply use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad's built-in camera and microphone to record your video. Liveclicker Mobile Studio walks you through the process while providing professional templates to make it easy for you to record each clip. Then, the style and music selection wizard allows you to choose the fonts, songs and transitions which will produce your individual clips into a cohesive and professional-quality video.

Liveclicker Mobile Studio also allows you to record the screen of your iPad in order to make screencasts with voiceover.

Once the video has been created, you can easily upload it directly into your VideoConnect account where you can share it with your organization or with the world.

Uploading a Pre-Prepared Video

Using Liveclicker Mobile Studio, you can also select a video which is already stored on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Once the video has been selected, it can be combined with additional video clips, set to music, and uploaded directly into VideoConnect.

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