Using Liveclicker Desktop Studio

In 2011, Liveclicker released an easy-to-use solution for companies that want to create professional videos on their own. Liveclicker Desktop Studio provides all of the tools that are needed to produce videos efficiently without the need for laborious editing. Using a webcam or mobile device is great for many of your videos, but for external-facing high-quality production, Liveclicker Desktop Studio is the perfect solution.

With Liveclicker Desktop Studio, you won't need to purchase fancy video editing software and you won't have to hire and manage a video editor. Liveclicker Desktop Studio walks you through the process while providing professional templates to make it easy for you to record each clip. Then, the style and music selection wizard allows you to choose the fonts, songs and transitions which will produce your individual clips into a cohesive and professional-quality video. Once the video has been created, you can easily upload it directly into your VideoConnect account where you can share it with your organization or with the world.

To download a copy of Liveclicker Desktop Studio, click here.

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