Recording With Your Webcam

Recording a video for VideoConnect with your webcam is easy. First, make sure that your webcam is properly installed and operable. Most modern laptops have a built-in webcam for which the necessary driver is pre-installed for you. If you have an external webcam, just make sure that it is plugged in and that the software application which operates the webcam is launched. VideoConnect can accept high definition video or standard definition video, so any webcam should be compatible.

In most browsers, when you click on the "Record from webcam" button in VideoConnect, a box will appear on your page. A few seconds after the box appears, an Adobe Flash Player Settings message will appear, asking if you will provide camera and microphone access to the web page. You will need to click "Allow" to allow the webcam to record you, and the permission you are granting is temporary, lasting only as long as you have that particular web page open.

A few seconds after clicking "Allow," you should see a preview of what your webcam sees. If the webcam is pointed at your face, you should see yourself. Make sure that the lighting around your face is bright enough to facilitate a clear recording, and consider using a headset or microphone instead of speaking through your computer's built-in microphone. These minor considerations in lighting and sound can make your video much easier to view and hear.

Click on "Start" to begin recording and click the button again to complete your recording session. Once you have finished, you may preview your recording, go back and record it again, or submit it to VideoConnect. Once it is submitted, you will find it in the "My Videos" area of VideoConnect. Since the video is being encoded and processed by the VideoConnect servers, it might take a few minutes before you see it on your "My Videos" page.

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