Sharing Videos With External Audiences

In the third step of the video management wizard, the owner of a video selects its sharing settings. There, he/she decides if the video should be viewed by members of his/her own organization and/or if it should also be seen by people outside of his/her organization. The nomenclature for these settings is "internal" and/or "external."

Designated users have the ability to publish a video externally on behalf of their organization. In doing so, they are given an embed code for that video (both HTTP and HTTPS versions) as well as the option to automatically distribute that video to their organization's YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce Chatter, blog, website, etc.

On the video detail page is also a feature which allows for the video to be emailed to one or multiple recipients. Upon clicking on the email address form field, you may enter one or more email addresses seperated by commas. You may also enter a custom subject line and email message which will be seen by the recipient. Beneath the email message form field is an area where related videos can be selected. These videos will be shown on the landing page where your recipient will view the video you are emailing to him/her.

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