Managing and Deleting Videos

Once you are on the My Videos page, you will see a thumbnail of each video you have posted on VideoConnect. Videos that have not been shared (either internally with members of your organization or externally with people outside of your organization) will have a yellow "Unpublished" banner displayed across their upper right-hand corner. Videos that have been shared will not have a banner over them.

To view a particular video, simply click on its thumbnail to load its respective video detail page (which contains the video player which will display the video itself). To edit the name or description, default thumbnail, interactive elements, sharing settings or other properties of a particular video, just click on the green "Manage" button on its lower right-hand corner. To view the analytics for a particular video, click on the "Analytics" icon on the lower left-hand corner of its thumbnail. To delete one of your videos from VideoConnect, simply click on the red "Delete" button at the bottom of its thumbnail.

Please note that an unpublished video has no video detail page and no analytics. Thus, the best way to preview an unpublished video is to click on its green "Manage" button and then click on the "Preview" button in step one of its video management wizard.

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