What is the difference between Offline/Online videos and Internally/Externally shared videos?

On the publish step of the Manage Video process, you have the option to put your video Online or Offline and share the video Internally or Externally.


Offline Verses Online Status:

Once you have uploaded a video, in order to share your videos internally to your account's users or externally to people outside or your VideoConnect account, you must change the status of your video to Online. If your video is Offline, only the user that uploaded the video or an administrator user can view and manage the video. Once the video status is Online, you are are able to publish to internally to user groups and externally if you would like. 


Internal Verses External Sharing:

Publishing a video internally allows you to keep the video private only visible to other users in your VideoConnect account. Once you have chosen to publish a video internally you can choose which user groups you would like to share the video with. Whatever groups you choose to share with will make the video visible to all users in those groups. Choosing "All Groups" will make the video visible to all users in your VideoConnect account.  


Once a video is published internally you will see a locked icon by it on it's viewing page with a list of groups it is shared with:




If you choose to share your video externally by default your video will be shared to all groups and users in your VideoConnect account. Once you have chosen to share your video internally you will have options to use your video's VideoConnect embed code to display your video publicly on your website or blog, and you can distribute your video to your YouTube channel. 



Once your video is published externally you will see an unlocked icon by it on it's viewing page along with a link to a public viewing page you can share and email to people outside of your VideoConnect account:


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