What is the difference between Administrator, Group Manager, and Regular VideoConnect users?

There are 3 types of users for a VideoConnect Account: Administrator, Group Manager, Regular User

  1. Administrator: This user can control and edit all videos, users, groups and categories in your account.  They can create, view and edit any video, access all video analytics, and add/remove/manage all users, groups and categories in your account. They also have the ability to set up distribution of your videos to a YouTube channel. 
  2. Regular User: This user can only view and share videos that are in that user's group. They can only manage and view analytics for videos that they personally upload under the "My Videos" tab. Regular users are also only able to publish videos internally to the groups that they are in. They can bypass this restriction by publishing a video externally.  When a video is published externally all user groups are able to see it by default.
  3. Group Manager: This user has same privileges as a regular user except that they have the ability to un-publish any videos in the groups they manage.  
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