I am submitting a video sitemap for my main site, yet my SEO score for criteria 6 is only 50, why?

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The score is calculated from the video SEO site sitemap submission (50 points), and the main site sitemap submission (50 points)

  1. For the video SEO site sitemap submission, Liveclicker knows exactly the date and time when Google requested the sitemap since it is hosted on Liveclicker application servers, and served to Google directly.
  2. For the main video sitemap, since the client has to first download it from the Liveclicker servers then independently submit the sitemap to Google, Liveclicker does not know for sure if the freshest sitemap is indeed submitted to Google. For that reason, we allocate 50 points ONLY if there's been a video sitemap request for the main site on Liveclicker servers. If not, then it means that the sitemap isn't submitted, or isn't updated frequently enough.
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