How do I upload multiple videos using FTP?

Sometimes you will have multiple videos you want to upload into Liveclicker. To do so, you may upload the videos one after another, or use the Bulk FTP uploader. Follow these steps to upload via FTP:

1. Using an FTP client, log in to Liveclicker’s FTP servers, using the credentials you will find on the dashboard or on the upload page.

2. Drop your FTP assets into any folder, or create a special folder if needed.

3. For each of the files you have uploaded, you shall receive an email alert as soon as the encoding process starts. Then a second email alert to let you know the encoding is complete. Also, if you login to you will see an encoding message per video asset.

NOTE: every new asset encoding process will appear on the asset list, with an "Encoding" status.

4. After receiving the email alert notifying you that a given video asset is ready, visit the Video asset page and create your Video Widget.

NOTE: only video uploads generate a notyfying email. If you upload another file type you will not get the email.
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