What are Overlays?

There are five types of overlays: the simple and wide modals, the simple overlay with tabs, simple overlay without tabs, and the wide overlay


The wide overlay

With this format, the banner expands to a wide format, which allows not only the video to be played but also feature relate videos and a section for comments.

Wide overlay.gif


The simple overlay

Ideal for playing a video on page:

Banner overlay.gif


The modal overlay

This type of presentation does not allow the user to play with other elements of the page at the same time as she's viewing the video.


Disclaimer message

It's possible to add a disclaimer message to your overlay, stating for example that the video content is hosted by Liveclicker. Example:

You are no longer on Costco’s site and are subject to the privacy policy of the company hosting this site. To review the privacy policy, click here.

This message appears at the bottom of the video, and can be styled via CSS. If you are interested in enabling this type of message (it's an account-level setting modal-overlay-disclaimer-message), please contact Liveclicker Support.

Modal Overlay with Playlist

Very similar to the simple modal, but with a playlist on the right side of the video.


Custom Overlay Templates

Custom overlay templates allow you to create your own experiences inside of the Liveclicker iframe overlay. There is a dedicated documentation page associated with it: Custom Overlay Templates

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