What do Video Banners look like?

Video banners can take many forms and shapes to fit a site's page design. In its most simple form, a banner can just be a static button that appears on a product page as shown in the example here below:

Static buttons

These buttons are dynamically served by Liveclicker when a video is available. You are free to chose the form and size you want for each of your banners, which can be inserted into your product pages for instance, as demonstrated below:


Such buttons can have mouse-over effects. This is accomplished by creating the banner with two buttons of different colors, and letting Liveclicker handle the mouse-over JavaScript event.



Dynamic banners

Traditionally, video is best suggested with a thumbnail. Dynamic banners do exactly that: insert clickable thumbnails of video on a page.


These dynamic banners can show single thumbnails, or multiple thumbnails depending on your settings. Also, the size of the thumbnails and the surrounding styles can be changed to match your site's look and feel.


It's even possible to append metadata information to the banner, like the title for the video, its rating, views, etc.


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