How does FTP automation work?

If you are producing large quantities of content and want to streamline the upload and publishing process, we recommend that you take advantage of the Liveclicker FTP automation features.


How it works

The automation process is simple. It is based on file naming conventions and a product datafeed:

  • When you upload a file via FTP to Liveclicker, name it using the auto_dimN_ prefix followed by the product ID; dimension N must be configured as your product identifier dimension (a SKU or internal product identifier). For example, if your taxonomy in Liveclicker has dimension 2 being the product SKU, and you are uploading a video for SKU 987103, name your file auto_dim2_987103.mp4 or auto_dim2_987103.wmv, etc.
  • When the Liveclicker encoding engine recognizes the automatic pattern in the filename, it will match the values against your product datafeed to Liveclicker. In the above example, Liveclicker will look for a product from the product datafeed that matches SKU = 987103.
  • A widget will be automatically created with the proper links, tag, titles and interactive features. Dimensional tags will be created that set the product identifier, brand, category, and subcategory dimensions, if they are available; other dimension values must be added manually.
  • Widgets will be published to embeds, sites and video SEO sites (but not channels). You can opt to skip the publishing step in order to review the widgets before they go live.


What works

  • auto_dim7_98832.mp4 will be interpreted as "Auto-tag this video by looking up product ID = 98832 in the product datafeed and tagging the ID into dimension 7."
  • auto_dim1_EC-DSWF001.avi will be interpreted as "Auto-tag this video by looking up product ID = EC-DSWF001 in the product datafeed and tagging the ID into dimension 1."


What doesn't work

  • auto_dim8_EC-DSWF001.avi will not work if your tag settings don't have a dimension 8 column, or if the product datafeed does not contain an entry with product identifier EC-DSWF001.
  • is not an acceptable automation pattern. The underscore separators must be present in the filename.

In these cases, no widget will be created.


The product datafeed

 A valid product datafeed is required for FTP automation. For each product, the following information will be required:

  • Product Name
  • Product ID (unique)
  • Product URL
  • Product Image URL

Optionally, if your feed contains any of the following optional values:

  • Product brand
  • Product category
  • Product subcategory

and your account has dimension tags for them, the dimension tags will be populated with the values from your feed. Also up to 3 additional custom values can be populated like this. These custom values need to be defined when the feed import is set up. For example if you have dimension tags like Location or Size and that information is included in your product feed, you can request that the feed import pulls them into two custom fields, which can then be configured in the automation process to populate the corresponding tags.

Another optional feature if your feed includes a product description is to set it as the widget's meta-description.

Please refer to the feeds section for more information about feeds.

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