How to I insert a Liveclicker video into our Wordpress blog?


  • To display a Liveclicker video in your post, use this syntax:

The video will be automatically embedded in your post with the given dimensions.


  • To display a thumbnail that invokes an overlay in your post, use this syntax:
  • To share the permalink, leave the "share" parameter empty:

A thumbnail image will be added in your page; when clicked on, this invokes an overlay (with size determined by the "width" and "height" parameters). The overlay contains: the video; products associated with the video, and links to the product page of the products; and a Facebook comment section. The "share" parameter must refer to a page that contains the video and Facebook metadata for video sharing. See below.

  • Note: You can edit the the thumbnail style and the version of jQuery (if any) inserted by going to Settings >> Liveclicker in the WordPress admin console.


  • To add metadata to share a video on facebook, use this syntax in the in the body of the post:
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