Liveclicker Video Explore: What is it and how do I install it?

Liveclicker Video Explorer is a Firefox sidebar which allows you to discover video content available from the Liveclicker Store while browsing your own site. It is designed to make the discovery of content faster and more efficient, and is complementary to the Liveclicker's Store Search.

Extension overview.gif



To install Liveclicker, go to the Liveclicker Labs page from the regular Liveclicker UI with a Firefox browser. There you will see link to install the Liveclicker Video Explorer extension. Click on it and follow the instructions.

Extension install.gif

After restarting your browser, make sure you edit your Firefox settings to place the Video Explorer icon conveniently in your toolbar:

  • Go to View/Toolbars/Customize in Firefox

Extension install 2.gif

  • The drag the Liveclicker icon to be show in the browser top bar as shown below:

Extension install 3.gif

  • After you drop the icon your top bar should look like this:

Extension install 4.gif

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