How do I sign API Calls?

Let's assume that our API key is df3f791718032a70119d35d65d8b6d0d, our shared secret is ksj8shs7.

Generating a signature is easy and can be done in any programming language. To make our signature, we take a string of the arguments being passed, and prepend our shared secret.

For this example, we'll make a call to liveclicker.widget.getInfo. Our parameters are the following:

method > liveclicker.widget.getInfo
widget_id > 1715
api_key > df3f791718032a70119d35d65d8b6d0d (this is required in every method call) 

Now we'll generate the base of our signature by creating a string of our parameter name/value pairs in alphabetical order. Do not escape any characters when generating this string, all characters should be unescaped. And note that there is no separator between the parameter name and value, and no separator between name/value pairs:


Next, we prepend that string with our shared secret:


Now we'll take the MD5 hash of the signature and add it to our parameters.


So the final set of parameters passed to the API will be:

method > liveclicker.widget.getInfo
widget_id > 1715
api_key > df3f791718032a70119d35d65d8b6d0d
api_sig > 8ee8da79fa2cf3f9e3a39a812cb884cf


  • When generating an upload call signature, do not include the "video" parameter or its value in your signature computation.
  • Only include the "format" parameter and its value, or any other optional parameters, in the signature calculation if you are explicitly giving values for those parameters.
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